Farmers Markets Bring Life to Cities

A simple farmer’s market can light up a neighborhood by providing fresh food, supporting local business, encouraging a sense of play,  and inspire with art and music by closing down the street to cars, and giving it to people. Expanding the use and capability of a street with creativity and a focus around people creates scenes shown above.

This farmers market on Clement Street in the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco is simple and only closes two blocks down to provide a tremendous positive impact on public life.

Beautiful Space, Great Potential

Frank H. Ogawa plaza in downtown Oakland has big trees, cut grass lawn, benches, colonial buildings, and some shops surrounding it. However it lacks community life on a typical work week day at 8 in the morning. I expected much more people using the space, even though it’s the beginning of the work day. I’m curious. How can this space could be activated to allow more community interaction?