About Me


I am an urbanist with the mission to lead people to work together toward creating sustainable and livable urban communities. I currently work at the California Department of Transportation as a Senior Environmental Planner where I work collaboratively with engineers, planners, technical analysts, and the public to improve communities and protect environmental resources. I volunteer with the Institute of Transportation Engineers and research transportation solutions to achieve my mission. I am committed to personal growth and leading others in their pursuits.

This site is a collection of my observations, opinions, and research of urban communities and city leaders who plan and create livable places. I provide my own unique twist by not only describing planning tools, news, and information, but also discussing ways planners can professionally develop and grow in their daily lives. Planning is a difficult job and I have observed that a focus on personal development, leadership, employee engagement, and emotional intelligence enhances quality of work. My goal is to connect the two worlds of personal development and planning together.

Take a look at my events page, it has some links to organizations that put on events, and a calendar of events to grow your network and skills.