4 Daily Actions to Get Your Team and Followers to Thrive

Transformative Leadership will help urban planners, designers, and advocates to build powerful coalitions and teams that create great places. A transformative leader helps teams or communities identify needed change, create an inspiring vision to guide the change, and empowers the team or community to execute the change.

A review study by the University of Oklahoma found transformational leadership will empower your followers to take more personal initiative, increase job satisfaction, increase cooperation, and result in followers experiencing more positive emotions. The below graphic shows what transformational leaders do.

by Verywell / Emily Roberts

How does a transformative leader do this on a daily basis?

Deprioritize Email. The study found that daily email demand decreases a leader’s transformative behavior and goal progress. Email is a great tool for communication, however, it can take control of our day. Schedule a time during the day (afternoons are usually better) to review and respond to email.

Prioritize Brainstorming, Information Sharing, and Planning. These cognitive activities increase a leader’s action to exhibit transformational behaviors.

Have a High Collective Identity. What? This means that you identify yourself within a team, not as an individual. Whatever problem you are working to solve is done through a team effort. More innovative and effective solutions are developed in teams than individually.

Actively Communicate Your Vision. The study found that when leaders focus on the vision of the organization (or its why) in the morning, he or she is more likely to continue communicating the vision throughout the rest of the day. The more we are connected to our vision, the more likely actions and decisions will be aligned to the vision.

Wrap Up

Although I’m not a leader by authority, I still implement these behaviors while I’m in my day-to-day work. It’s not your position of authority, but your daily behaviors and actions that make you an urban planning leader.

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