Wondering How to Make a Difference in Your City? Start with Purpose.

My last week’s post gives guidance on how to develop your goals. The first step was to start with purpose, and I want to dive a bit deeper in how you can do that. Many people may think that your purpose will find you, so you can wait until it comes. However, John Coleman argues that “in achieving professional purpose, most of us have to focus as much on making our work meaningful as in taking meaning from it.” Take purpose into your own hands and develop your own personal purpose statement, and relate it to the work you do everyday. I promise you this will make your current work more fulfilling. Here are a few tips in creating a purpose statement:

Take time to reflect on what matters most. In 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey, suggests to visualize your funeral with all your loved ones attending and speaking about you. What you would like them to say about you? What will they say you are most remembered for?

Write it out. Whatever you visualized above, write it out on paper. It may be vague and not make much sense at first, this is okay. As long as you start, you can gain momentum to continue the process.

Let it evolve. Your purpose statement will evolve as you grow and change. Redefine it whenever you feel it is not capturing what you truly want to work towards. I suggest keeping it in a journal, calendar, phone notes, or somewhere you check regularly. This will help keep what you purpose statement is.

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