Denver Bike Share

I have traveled to several cities in the US and have made it a mission to use the bike share programs the city offers and test how they are run. One of the best bike share programs I have used is in Denver, Colorado called Denver B-cycle. Here’s why:

  1. Convenient Payment System

This is the number one reason why Denver bikeshare outweighs the rest of bikeshare programs I have experienced. Most bikeshare programs require you to download an application on your smart phone and use this application to unlock, pay, and lock bikes. This program, all you needed was a credit card to use the bikes. We paid for a 24 hour pass with 30 minute rides. We were able to take a short ride, dock the bike, walk through the park, and then get another bike from another system seamlessly. The bikeshare system remembered my credit card number after our initial ride and we were able use a different bike throughout the entire day. This made it easy for me since I have limited room on my iphone for apps and limited data use to willy nilly download new applications on my phone.

  1. Easy to Ride

The bike share systems I rode in the Bay Area, Portland, and Alameda, were heavy. This creates a problem for my girlfriend who is a buck 10 and 5’2″. It’s not a fun or easy ride when the bike is so heavy and its hard to maneuver the bike tank. The Denver B-cycle were light and easy to ride making for fun rides throughout the city.

  1. Plenty of Stations

Denver B-cycle had plenty of stations throughout the greater downtown area. This made it easy to travel to areas too far to walk and not far enough to take transit from our Airbnb. It allowed flexibility for where we wanted to go without the need to plan ahead. Making it more desirable to use.

  1. Easy to dock, undock and lock (stop, drop, and lock it)

The denver bike share had designed in locks for locking bikes off the stations. This was great when we wanted to make a quick stop to the CVS and pick up some snacks for the day. This is critical for bikeshare use so when people want to grab a quick cup of coffee, or food, they don’t need a station to put their bikes in. Since downloading an app is unnecessary, the system remembered my credit card for biking all day. When we dropped off bikes at station, ate for 2 hours, and then wanted to pick up bikes to head home, all we needed to do was swipe our credit card again and we could pick up two more bikes. The stations did lack directions on this, so we did need to call customer service. They quickly picked up, listened to our dilemma, and gave us clear direction on how to unlock bikes with just our credit card.

For more information about the Denver Bike Share, check out their website:

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