Sacramento’s Unique Bike Racks

As I walked the streets of Sacramento, I noticed several interesting designs of bike racks throughout the downtown area. I was intrigued by the creative, artistic design of the racks and questions shot through my mind. Who is designing these bike racks? Why are they designing the bike racks in such a creative way? How did this trend begin?

The City Planning department had their own standard bike rack designs and I realized the City didn’t have anything to do with designing or implementing the bike racks. So I came up with the courage (I am personally working on developing unshakable self-confidence) to talk to the business owners about the bike racks. The businesses saw an opportunity to provide parking for biking customers and to do it in a creative way that may intrigue customers to visit their business (it definitely caught my transportation planner attention!). The Alhambra Dental Plaza  (featured with their bike racks shaped as a tooth), informed me of Rossi Sculptural Designs who designs the unique bike racks. Check out the company’s site for more of the artist’s designs.

The Bike racks bring a creative flavor to Sacramento by filling its streets with art and providing infrastructure that enhances a bicyclists opportunity to use a bike.


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